The company R.U.K. who has access to the Yves Klein archives, is in charge and qualified to express opinions on the authenticity of the works attributed to Yves Klein.

R.U.K. urges potential buyers to require the seller to give an opinion on authenticity for works not listed in the first catalogue raisonné of Yves Klein's works, published by Dr Paul Wember in 1969.

ProcedureThe standard procedure for anyone wishing to obtain an opinion on the authenticity of a work attributed to Yves Klein is to present the work to R.U.K. following 2 steps:

I. Send the following documents to
- The attached form duly completed
- A high definition photograph of the face of the work (300 dpi minimum, 30 cm high) 
- A high definition photograph of the back of the work (300 dpi minimum, 30 cm high)
- Exact dimensions of the work;
- All useful details concerning the work (origin, title, invoice copy etc.)

Download the form

II. You will be contacted by R.U.K. within a maximum period of 30 days, which will detail to you, on a case by case basis, the conditions of physical examination of your work with a view to issuing a possible opinion on authenticity.

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